What My Harps Sound Like

          Some of you may be wondering what the harp sounds like, and what my playing sounds like; so I've put up some files for you to listen to. These clips are very short and small files. If you have trouble playing them just right click on the link, download the file, and listen. Some players are strange that way.

  • Fly Away Child
  • Klara's Lullaby
  • Marsh of Rhuddlan
  • Myxolydia 1
  • Playground

          “I Did It So Can You,” is more than a book about losing weight, it also covers relaxation techniques, exercise, stress reduction, and attitude. Its a distillation of the many techniques that have kept me alive for the last 30 years through a series of physical and mental-health challenges. These are the methods I used to go from a depressed, couch bound, fibromyalgia patient, 100 pounds overweight, to a cheerful, vibrant, triking harper.

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